30 January 2018 - 10:37am

Download the KEWPAT App for free now

We are very excited to announce that the KEWPAT App is now available to download for FREE from Google Play.
The KEWPAT App, developed by the team at SimplyPats, turns your Kewtech SMARTPAT into a remotely operated downloading PAT Tester. However, the KEWPAT App is also a great option for Kewtech EZYPAT or EZYPAT Plus users. 
The KEWPAT App gives you fast entry of the essential product information, with dropdown menus for customer, site, location and description. There's a fantastic tool to help you with appliance risk assessment and testing frequency, where the recommendations according to the Code of Practice are displayed, which you can adjust for any additional factors.
With the KEWPAT App you can also create your own auto test, test remotely* and save your records with any additional information required before printing labels. There are also a host of additional features including, adding pictures to the product register, scanning barcodes/QR codes, voice prompt help and adding your own logo to printed labels, if you wish.
If you are looking for greater flexibility in managing your PAT testing data and want access to large number of PAT Test Reporting and Invoicing options, then SimplyPats Version 7 (Downloading Edition) can already import and export data to and from the KEWPAT App. 
SimplyPats are currently working hard on the iOS version of the KEWPAT App, which will be available soon. 
A selection of tutorials and guides focusing on the KEWPAT PAT Testing App for Android and iOS, developed by SimplyPats can be found on YouTube here.
*Testing remotely only works in conjunction with the SMARTPAT.