KT71 Manual PAT tester

Product Information


  • Amongst the most popular Pat testers on the market
  • The fast automatic test sequences mean that you only turn the knob to the type of test that you want then press start
  • The IET Code of practice says that if you cannot undertake an insulation test at 500V then you can either conduct a run leakage / touch lekage or 250V insulation - the KT71 enbales you to do these alternative tests in the most simplistic of ways.
  • The KT71 has a lid and test lead pouch to keep everything safe and protected when not in use


  • Performs Earth bond at 200mA for IT appliances and high current 20A for all other appliances
  • 250V / 500V insulation test voltages
  • Run / leakage at 230V
  • Single rotary dial position initiates test sequence
  • Class I IT 200mA Earth Bond
  • Class I 20A Earth Bond
  • Class II
  • Memory for test lead resistance compensation
  • Extension lead test – including polarity
  • LED indication of pass / fail as well as a result display
  • Automatic check if appliance is switched on or not
  • Tests 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation (with appropriate test adaptor)
  • Tests in accordance with the IET Code of Practice


  • Mains Leads ACC7209
  • KAMP-S  Short IEC lead for extension lead testing
  • Earth Lead ACC7208
  • ACC7163 Blade prod
  • Instruction Manual
  • Certificate of conformity
  • End of line Certificate


  • Boxed Weight: 2.1kg
  • Boxed Dimensions: 215(W)x283(H)x93(D)mm