IR1200 Infrared Thermometer (dual channel)

Product Information


  • Infrared thermometers take an average reading across a circular area, but the IR1200's two dot laster guidance clearly defines this area so you know exactly what you are measuring.
  • Measures up to 1200°C


  • Second channel for contact temperature measurement for use with K type connectors (thermocouple included)
  • Infrared temperature measurement up to 1200°C for non contact measurements
  • Ambient Temperature Function
  • Thermocouple channel for contact measurements
  • Special two spot laser guidance – gives unambiguous guidance of area being measured
  • Max, Min, Diff, Ave reading
  • Data hold
  • High & Low alarm
  • Easy emissivity adjustment


  • K type thermocouple
  • Battery
  • Operating Instructions