About Kewtech

We manufacture innovative, accurate and reliable test equipment that enables UK electrical contractors to undertake their testing obligations quickly and efficiently. All our installation testers are '18th Edition Compliant' and lead the way in ease of use, loop accuracy and repeatability of reading. We also have 'easy to fill in' 18th Edition certification books to match.

A product with the “Kewtech” brand has been specifically designed for the UK market by a team with many years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing products that have real benefit to the industry.
We have consistently introduced industry firsts, like our pioneering PAT testers that can be controlled by your mobile devices, Lightmate testing adaptors, the Pat Adaptor, the MFT with PAT testing plus download and our award winning RB1 Replacement Lamp.

We are proud of our environmental credentials as all of our products have a long design life ultimately cutting back on electronic waste, we have removed plastic from our packaging by almost 100% and all our certificate books are now FSC accredited.

Our products are available through all major wholesalers and many local independents. Our customers are supported by our nationwide sales force and our customer service teams in Chesham and Lincoln.
Express Cal is our expert UK repair and calibration service for all brands of electrical test equipment based in Doncaster. Offering a variety of services to electrical wholesalers and end users, our engineers have been involved in the design of test equipment, so really understand and appreciate the technology and are in an expert position to provide both repair and calibration services.