New Regulations, New Regulations!

Oh no not more! Oh Yes, but from what we have seen so far, they look largely positive. 

The 5th Edition of The Code of Practice for the In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment has just been published and improves on its predecessor. It is well laid out and is clearer in what needs to be done to install a regime of electrical equipment inspection and testing to ensure the safety of continued use. 

Substitute leakage is no longer recommended. The main stream of testing requirements being earth continuity at 200mA, insulation preferably at 500V if not then 250V and for further testing or testing where the insulation test is not done, a run / leakage test is advised. An insulation test, though must precede a run test. All good advice.

KEWTECH PAT testers (we are now meant to call them Electrical Equipment Testers) cover the new edition nicely as they have a 250V insulation test as standard and always do a insulation test before the run / leakage test even when you are using the KEWPAT App with the SMARTPAT.

Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition seems to have come hot on the heels of amendment 1, but it is not actually planned to become mandatory until April 2021. There is a document available on the IET website for public comment. From what we have seen there are some good proposed changes and some which are bound to cause discussion. We encourage you to take a look and comment if appropriate. They represent 'our' regulations after all.