Your handy 18th Edition accessory kit – all in one bag.

This testing kit includes all those items that make your testing easier, safer, faster and more accurate. It will also turn your 18th Edition tester into a PAT tester and combined with our KT65DL or KT66DL it allows for a PAT testing results saving and download that provides the record of PAT testing.

Key Features

  • JUMPLD1 - set of long and short jump leads for linking out whilst undertaking R1+R2 and insulation testing
  • KEWCHECKR2 - the original 'break out' socket for fast and secure connection of test leads to a socket outlet
  • KEWLOK - fits every toggle switch that we have come across, which means you only need one device for your locking out procedure. It come with two warning labels and you can choose your own three digit combination
  • KEWSTICK UNO - our new improved non contact volts stick
  • LIGHTMATE KIT - the ever popular lightmates that enable fast, easy and safe connection of testing leads to lighting points. Five lightmates are included BC, SBC, ES, SES & GU10
  • PATADAPTOR 1 - converts your multifunction tester and insulation / continuity tester into a PAT tester
  • KITBAG1 - all comes in a purpose designed bag