Earth bond continuity testing can be done on baths, radiators, pipe work, sinks etc. This can only be done with this wonder lead. The ACC50MTL is also essential for fast professional R2 and main earth bond verification testing.

G7 High Performance Test Leads:

Kewtech test leads are precision engineered using high quality components to meet today’s exacting testing requirements of accuracy and consistency. They have been subjected to pull out, bending stress, twisting and temperature tests to ensure the best performance.

Key Benefits

  • Essential for fast and professional R2 and earth bond testing
  • No snagging coiling
  • Long life and consistent performance
  • Market leading quality and performance

Key Features

  • 50 metres of high quality multi-stranded copper test lead
  • 176 stranded copper test lead
  • Resistance of only 0.02ohms per meter
  • Double sided reel to protect the cable