The KEWEVSE is the brand new comprehensive testing adapter for the testing of EV charging points. The adapter is compatible with the KT66DL and other brands of tester with EV capabilities.

The KEWEVSE is a great addition to your test equipment as it enables loop, RCD and RDCD testing using a suitable MFT like the KT66DL. It simulates the presence of a car so the functionality of the EV supply equipment can also be tested including PE fault.

Key Benefits

  • Enables testing of EV charging points
  • Universal - Uses standard 4mm connections and alternative BS1363 socket for connecting your tester
  • For use on single and three phase systems

Key Features

  • PE Pre-Test
  • PP simulation & CP states A, B, C, D
  • CP Error / PE Error / Earth fault
  • LED indication of Phases
  • Type 2 male connector for EVSE connection