Our new KT66DL 12-in-1 multifunction tester is the ultimate tester, bringing you accuracy and performance like never before. Engineered with a pioneering sophisticated loop testing system, including 3 & 2 wire low current test options and a comprehensive RCD testing facility complete with EV charge point test capacity, the KT66DL has it all.

As important as its illustrious list of features, the KT66DL multifunction tester exhibits all the hallmarks of Kewtech’s quality, reliability and ease of use.

The KT66DL comes with CD-ROM software but if you would prefer to download the KEW REPORT software you can do so here…Download Software.

Key Features

  • Two high current loop options: 25 A 0.001 Ohm resolution & 6 A 0.01 Ohm resolution
  • Two low current loop options: 3 wire & 2 wire
  • 55V loop test capability - suitable for 110V CTE systems
  • EVSE loop option
  • RCD - Tests Type AC, ACS, A, AS, F, B, BS & EV
  • EVSE 6mA DC ramp and tripping time test
  • UC - contact voltage test
  • Simultaneous display of L-PE, L-N, N-PE voltage (TRMS)
  • True RMS Voltage measurements 2-600V, mains frequency
  • Insulation test: 4 test voltages, resistance bar graph & DAR / PI functionality
  • Two continuity tests 200 mA & 15 mA
  • Dual display of PFC / PSC with a PFC range of 50KA
  • SPD testing with both DC & AC breakdown voltage displayed, 1000V range
  • Earth resistance 3 & 2 wire options
  • Phase rotation
  • PAT function including download
  • Advanced memory

Key Benefits

  • Large colour dot matrix screen
  • Established easy to use interface with one rotary dial and four function keys
  • Simultaneous display of L-PE, L-N, N-PE voltage (TRMS)
  • Max Zs tables for current and old standards
  • Comprehensive RCD function including type EV & B and variable RCD test
  • Three modes of starting a test: single press of the test button, continuous testing and by test button in the test probe
  • Advanced memory - assigns DB, circuit number and type of test i.e. Zs or Ze
  • Help display on all settings
  • Touch voltage pad with selectable limits
  • KT66DL / KT65DL - only MFT's on the market to have a built in lid to protect your screen from damage, water and dust ingress
  • Comes complete with soft canvas bag, mains lead, distribution board leads, remote test probe, padded neck strap and software
  • SAFETY: IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V. IEC 61557- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10