Unlike standard voltage indicators the KEWSTICK DUO has two sensitivity ranges depending on your requirement…

1. Wide ranging voltage indication to detect the presence of voltage between 90-600V without the need for metal contact.

2. Hold down the attenuation button and the KEWSTICK DUO’s sensitivity is reduced to enable you to indicate between live and dead cables just millimetres apart!

Key Benefits

  • Requires no metal contact
  • Two sensitivity levels
  • Enables indication between live and dead cables millimetres apart
  • Pocket sized
  • CAT IV rated
  • Lower power consumption circuits means long battery life

Key Features

  • Clearly detects between 90-600 V AC without metal contact
  • Two colour LEDs - Green for correct working and Red for voltage detection
  • Two tone buzzer, one for correct working and one for voltage detection
  • On/Off button for longer battery life