The KT1700 is your first level of protection against electrical shock when approaching metal enclosures / potentially live metal work. The identification of the live phase is more certain than using non-contact voltage indicators or similar devices.

Make contact with earth metallic parts such as the externals of a distribution board, water or earth bonding pipes before carrying out safe isolation or putting yourself in harms way for a first indication of any voltage or potential issue.

Key Benefits

  • KT1700 is fully functional even when wearing full PPE
  • Robust construction with IP54 water and dust ingress rating
  • Probe tip conforms to HSE recommendations GS38

Key Features

  • Voltage measurement range 50–600 V AC
  • Safe live phase detection
  • Flashing red front section plus audible warning indicates greater than 50 V AC is present
  • Slow flashing blue LED with single beep indicates that the KT1700 electronics are working correctly
  • Meets international safety standard BSEN61010-1:2010