The KT1710 two pole voltage and continuity tester is an essential tool in every electricians tool box used for voltage indication and the safe isolation of live circuits. The KT1710 will indicate voltage is present even with no batteries or if the batteries go flat so you can have piece of mind of indication when working with live circuits.

Key Benefits

  • Required for correct safe isolation proceedure
  • UK Specific GS38 Slender probe tips NO NEED to swap ends
  • IP54
  • Designed to the new international safety standards IEC 61243-3:2014

Key Features

  • Clear LED voltage indication
  • Clear audible tone
  • Fits into recessed terminals such as RCBOs without unscrewing any caps
  • AC & DC Voltage tests up to 690V
  • Continuity Test
  • Single Pole phase test
  • Auto power on/off