The KT1720 is a dedicated two pole voltage tester that doesn’t require batteries. It is an essential tool in every electricians tool box used for voltage indication and the safe isolation of live circuits.

The KT1720 GS38 retractable probe tips as an additional safety feature and separate lamps indicate AC or DC voltage with polarity.

The KT1720 has now been discontinued.

Key Benefits

  • Required for correct safe isolation proceedure
  • Permanent GS38 compliance with retractable probe tips
  • No batteries required
  • Double insulated leads 1.4 m long
  • BSEN 61243-3: 20110 / EN61010 CATIV 600V / BSEN 613 26-1:2010
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and suitable for use with gauntlets / PPE equipment

Key Features

  • Clear LED voltage indication
  • 12 - 50 - 120 - 230 - 400V AC/DC voltage detection
  • Separate lamps indicate AC or DC with polarity
  • Retractable probe shrouds