The electrical safety council recommend the use of advanced socket testers, the LOOPCHECK 107 goes one step further…

  1. Standard socket test – checks the wiring configuration at the socket but cannot tell if there is a neutral/earth swap!

2. Though a standard socket tester indicates whether the socket connections are correctly positioned, it cannot tell you if your earth connections are safe! The LOOPCHECK 107 conducts an earth loop test to indicate the quality of the earth loop.

3. If your mains polarity has been switched at the incomer, your standard socket tester cannot indicate this as the voltage difference between the plug pins are the same. By touching the test pad the LOOPCHECK 107 can indicate this very dangerous situation!

4. 30mA RCD test.

And that’s why the LOOPCHECK 107 is the most advanced socket tester on the market.

Key Benefits

  • Checks the quality of the earthing that is essential for safe installations
  • Correct socket outlet wiring check
  • Checks for the polarity of the mains supply
  • Checks RCDs with measured current

Key Features

  • Bright LED indication
  • Audible tone indication