Safe isolation procedures are a fundamental part of complying with the law and reducing the incidence of electrical accidents.

The TB118 kit includes the tester and proving unit for performing a safe isolation procedure, two lock off devices and an advanced socket tester that will indicate whether it is safe to connect to the installation. Especially of interest to gas engineers and compliance to the TB118 GAS SAFE directive.

To ensure that you are connecting into a circuit that is safe, a loop safety check is required. For that we have also included the LOOPCHECK 107 advanced socket tester with loop check, socket and mains polarity and RCD check.

Key Benefits

  • A safe isolation kit designed for gas engineers
  • Includes specialist lock of devices
  • Includes an advanced socket tester to indicate whether it is safe to connect to the electrical installation
  • The tough durable bag keeps everything together and ready to use

Key Features

  • Specific safe isolation kit for gas engineers
  • Dedicated KT1710 two pole tester with continuity
  • Flying lead set with one gang socket
  • KEWLOK - universal lock off for all toggle type MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs and main switches
  • FUSELOK - lock off for connection units
  • KEWPROVE3 - high output proving unit
  • LOOPCHECK 107 advanced socket tester
  • KITBAG3 - dedicated safe isolation kitbag with bespoke pouch for the proving - making available at all times