Safe isolation procedures are a fundamental part of complying with the law and reducing the incidence of electrical accidents. An essential part of the procedure is locking off the circuits, once proven dead, to stop any unauthorised re-energising of circuits.

Other lock off options include the KEWLOK, FUSELOK and PLUGLOK.

Key Benefits

  • Covers a large range of locking off situations
  • Lock off kit for MCBs and rotary switches
  • Rewritable label provides a quick way to add information regarding the circuits locked off
  • Specialised lock of padlock
  • Lock out hasp allows for more than one padlock to be applied – facilitating more than one team working on the circuit / equipment

Key Features

  • MCB lock off with internal locating pins
  • MCB lock off with external locating pins
  • Lock out hasp for rotary switches
  • Lock out hasp has provision of up to six padlocks can be used in conjunction with the MCB lock outs as well as rotary switches
  • Red padlock with ‘DO NOT REMOVE’ message
  • Danger DO NOT OPERATE tag with suitable pen