This rugged earth tester is dust and waterproof so you can simply wash it to remove the mud and dust after use.

The KEW4015DL has strong noise rejection up to 25V rms allowing accurate testing in noisy environments.

Earth measurements are possible up to 100kΩ* of auxiliary earth spikes resistance. (20Ω range 10kΩ, 200Ω range 50kΩ, 2000Ω range 100kΩ).

Key Benefits

  • IP67 - Dust and waterproof
  • Rotary Switch makes the user interface very intuitive
  • Innovative Cable reel with wire guide system to facilitate rewinding

Key Features

  • 3pole and 2pole Earth Resistance measurement (0.01Ω‐2000Ω)
  • Noise rejection up to 25V rms allows accurate testing in noisy environments
  • Large LCD Display with Backlight
  • LED to monitor correct / non correct auxiliary earth spike resistance
  • Earth Voltage Measurement (AC / DC 0‐300V)
  • Earth Voltage warning
  • CAT Ⅳ100V