The importance of safe isolation can never be understated. Essential and enshrined in law to look after the safety of all personnel, it is vital to have the best procedures and equipment for the job.

The KEWTECH range has something for all working practices and situations including a specialised TB118 kit for central heating engineers.

All our kits include a dedicated two pole voltage tester, high output proving unit in accordance with correct procedure, and a locking off device with warning labels. All Kewtech kits also come in a carry case that allows access to the proving unit without the need to remove it.

For more information on correctly safe isolating please download the procedure outlined by the Electrical Safety Roundtable in the downloads at the bottom of this page.

Key Benefits

  • Required for correct safe isolation procedure
  • KT1795 - Voltage indication even without batteries
  • Ghost voltage clearance function
  • Permanent UK Specific GS38 Slender probe tips NO NEED to swap ends
  • Fits into recessed terminals such as RCBOs without unscrewing any caps
  • IP64
  • Designed to the new international safety standards IEC 61243-3 & IEC 61010-1
  • KEWLOK - No need for separate lock and no keys required
  • Durable carry bag with a shoulder strap and transparent window for the proving unit

Key Features

  • KT1795 - Clear LEDs indicate voltage level
  • Measures 6V - 1000V AC
  • Measures 6V - 1500V DC
  • Push buttons to increase the testing load to clear ghost voltages
  • 1V LCD resolution indication
  • Clear audible tone
  • Bright torch light - gives ample illumination
  • Phase Rotation - Bright green LEDs show left or right rotation
  • Single pole voltage detection on both probes
  • Continuity test
  • Diode test
  • Self diagnostic test
  • Polarity indication
  • Auto power on/off
  • Data hold
  • KEWLOK - One size fits most MCBs and toggle type main switches
  • User selectable integral combination padlock
  • Comes with two warning labels that can be secured to the shackle and give user information
  • KEWPROVE3 - High output will drive even the most high current voltage detector
  • Instant ramp up and then step down will prove several voltage levels