The KEWPAT app, in conjunction with KEWTECH testers, changes the face of PAT testing by removing all the data logging leg work and allowing you to be more efficient with your testing.

KEWPAT can be operated manually with any Kewtech PAT tester enabling fast manual documentation including appliance risk assessment, record documentation and covers your obligations for holding a product register.

The app has a large data storage for high volume testing to meet all your PAT testing needs. You can take a picture and add it to the product register, scan a barcode, and add your own logo to printed labels all in a matter of seconds. You can even produce a professional PDF report ready for email or print through the app.

Alongside the SMARTPAT you can see the true power of the markets most efficient testing solution. By running the tester from the KEWPAT app you will have your results sent straight back to your app in a matter of seconds!

Label printing:

The KEWPAT app can also operate the KEW80L Bluetooth Printer which instantly prints your PASS/FAIL labels with a number of different designs to choose from, including barcodes and QR codes.

Simply scan the QR or barcode label and the app will auto-populate with the appliance previously collected data for even faster testing on your return visits.


If you are looking for greater flexibility in managing your PAT testing data and want access to large number of PAT Test Reporting and Invoicing options, then SimplyPats Version 7 (Downloading Edition) can already import and export data to and from the KEWPAT App.

For an extensive library of KEWPAT app tutorial videos click here.

Key Benefits

  • FREE to download on iOS and Android devices
  • Works with any tester for manual input of data
  • One-to-one Wi-Fi connection can be used to control the SMARTPAT
  • Works via Bluetooth to control KEW80L label printer
  • Data collection, Risk assessment, Cable calculator, Reporting, Record saving
  • Customisable Auto-tests

Key Features

  • Turns your Kewtech SMARTPAT into a remotely operated downloading PAT Tester
  • Also a great option, in manual mode, for Kewtech EZYPAT or EZYPAT Plus users
  • Fast entry of the essential product information
  • Dropdown menus for customer, site, location and description
  • A tool to help you with appliance risk assessment and testing frequency
  • Save your records with any additional information
  • Add pictures to the product register
  • Scan barcodes/QR codes
  • Voice prompt help
  • Add your own logo to printed labels, if you wish using the KEW80L
  • Customer signature for sign off facility