KT66EV KT66DL & KEWEVSE adapter kit

Product Information


The KT66DL has many great features including a low currnet two & three wire test and a 25A, 0.001 Ohm resolution high current test allowing for PSC readings of up to 50 kA.

It has two special options of EV loop test currents to overcome sensitive inbuilt tripping devices. It also tests type B & EV RCDs and 6 mA RDC-DDs for time and tripping level. 

The user interface is flexible and enables you to do the RCDs tests as part of an auto-test or individually. 

The KEWEVSE enables electrical safety tests with the KT66DL by simulating the presence of an electric vehicle and opening up the supply circuits to enable testing. It facilitates the testing of single and three phase charging stations as well being able to simulate earth faults to test whether the charging point closes down.

There are 4mm connectors and a BS1363 three pin socket to enable connection to your MFT. Red LEDs indicate which phases are live.



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Full KEWEVSE details:

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